Thursday, December 22, 2016

Getting Ready!

Brooms have arrived! Time to work on them and bespell them for the students.

Owls have started flying into the Owlry. The first two have arrived and are nestled in nicely.

Students have started registering as well. Please note that Registration ends January 7th.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Registration and Sorting

Registration is OPEN! You can register here for Maplestone Academy.

Upon registration, you (or your child) will be mailed their acceptance letter, supply list, and a Student Agenda. WELCOME to MAPLESTONE ACADEMY!

You can see what Maplestone Academy House you are in through the sorting quiz.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Curios Obscurios Shop

This is a shop of unique, magical, and/or mystical items. Some are antiques from the muggle or wizarding world. Some are items recently made or discovered. All have their own story, their own secrets. Once purchased, there will not be another like it.

More Items will be available, but this is a sneak peak at some of the rare items.

SOFT Deerskin Leatherbound Notebook      COST: 4 Galleons

Set of 5 Medieval Cast Iron Nails (to ward against Fairies)     COST: 1 Galleon

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Goblin Keys !

The Goblin Banking Institute of the World has sent MapleStone Academy a collection of keys. We are now matching these keys with the security vaults here in Montreal, As students register for for the 2017 year, we will send them a key to their vault.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Open a Week Early!

Yes, Registration is officially open... a week early!

This is a perfect Yule / Holiday gift for someone you know loves the Harry Potter world and books.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Shop in the Ephemeral Market. Ride broomsticks and play Quiddich. (The University of Ottawa isn't the only Canadian location to play Quiddich.) Learn real-world lessons themed like the classes from Hogwarts.

Roleplay aspect: You are a student in the school! Choose or be Sorted into one of the four Houses.

Be creative and stretch your imagination. Engage with other like-minded people who also love this fandom. Have an activity you can do with your children and/or friends. Be playful and HAVE FUN!

Register for January's Starting Day Event to have all you need for the year of monthly events!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Registration Opens in Time for the New Film

As of November 18th, Registration will be open for people to join the monthly Hogwarts events at Crescent Moon School in conjunction with Etudiant Savoir Faire. Immerse yourself in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.

Third Sunday of every month 10am-5pm starting January.
Open to children (min. age of 8) & adults.

Registration opens November 18th online, or register in person at the Yule Fair.

Starts January 21st with a FIRST DAY and Diagon Alley experience.
Saturdays (3rd Saturday of every month) 10am-5pm
EXCEPT October  1-8pm (for a stargazing night weather permitting)

Costs: $200 (due January 1st) for January and February events, $50 (due 1st of each month after)

  • Ages 8-10 must be accompanied by a parent at all times
  • Ages 11-15 must be accompanied by a parent on the first day & October’s session
  • Ages 16 & 17 must be accompanied by a parent upon registration
  • Adults have no limitations

  • Gringotts Banking with your Gringotts Key
  • Owl Postal Service with Newletters
  • Subscriptions
  • Shop for your supplies for the year
  • Sorting (unless you know your House)
  • Make a wand with Wizard Craft Studios
  • Choose your broomstick
  • Make a cloak
  • Lunch & Butterbeer
  • Books
  • Classes: defense against the dark arts, potions, herbology, history of magic, magical theory, astrology, transfigurations, charms, care of magical creatures, arithmancy, runes, divination, alchemy, ghosts & spirits, ancient lore, music/choir, art
  • Flying Lessons
  • Summer Quiddich