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Maplestone Academy was founded in the fall of 2016 as an effort to spread a joy of learning about the Magical World of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Bringing together many traditions and insights, our objective is to produce students well rounded in the fundamentals of the magical arts, and to foster confidence in one’s own ability to overcome any obstacle. Through our principles of honor and community, we also seek to engender in our students an understanding of greater purpose, and a connection with their own greater potential.

Maplestone Academt is a monthly experience of Magic  and Wizardry that blends real-world science/art/craft/lore with that of the Magical World in an fun roleplaying environment to inspire curiosity, creativity and a love for learning/reading/writing immersed in a fantastical genre.



Professor Scarlet Stone
Muggle-born Canadian who studied at England’s Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, becoming Gryffindor Head Girl of the graduating class of 1989. She furthered her studies in the USA at the Irish Ilvermorny School in the Thunderbird House. She concluded her studies in the Mystery Seminary or Religious Studies earning her Blue Priestess of Sophia robes and the Asian Temple of Mountains earning her Green and her Burgundy Priestess of Momiji robes. She is 3rd degree clergy and founder of Crescent Moon School of Magic and Paganism under the spirit name of Scarlet Cougar. Concurrently, she is also co-headmistress of Maplestone Academy.

Professor Cerulia Maple
Born to a proud wizarding family, Cerulia conducted her primary studies at Beaux-Batons school for young ladies, before later switching over to Hogwarts for her final years. There, she was a proud member of House Hufflepuff, and believes to this day that doing what is needed for the greater good, in service to the community, is one of the greatest ideals that a witch can hold in their heart. It is at Hogwarts that Cerulia met Scarlet, and a lifelong friendship was formed. Having achieved top honors in her NEWTS, she spent some time working for the Ministry of Magic, where she worked for the department of inter-wizard communications. Later she decided to spend more time working with wizards directly, and so took on the mantle of running several popular shops such as The Magical Blend Apothecary, Th├ęsaurus Teas, and the Fairy Sweet Shop. She is excited now, as co-headmistress and co-founder of Maplestone, to share her love of learning with a new generation of witches and wizards.

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