Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Season of the Wolf

The Icy Dire Wolf is about family and adaptability.
So much work and so many activities have be had through the last few years. Over the years, we have played Quiddich, regularly held an Ephemeral Market, and visited Canada's Transfigured Town.

This year, we release the residual energies of the school back to the Ephemeral Planes. The professors are retiring for the time being. They need to focus on their own families now.

What can you expect?
  1. A last Ephemeral Market table at the Beltain Spring Fair in Montreal on Sunday, April 28th.
  2. The eventual release of the textbooks to the public.
There will be more information on both of these over the coming months.

For now... focus on YOUR family. Go with the FLOW!
...... OH! And don;t forget to HOWL at the January Wolf Moon!!