Saturday, January 28, 2017

February Class & Late Regstration

Did you wish you could have been part of Day 1? Want to register? I can take up to 5 late registrants (you will receive the standard basic supplies in the first class in February). Contact us ASAP if interested. $250 for late registration.

Welcome to Day 2 of Maplestone Academy.
Here is what is on the agenda for the day.

Bring to class:
Wear black or house colors, your HEMMED cloak, familiar, Guide to Self Protection textbook, potions kit, mint and mugwort herbs, 2 bottles size 2 and 1 bottle size 3, a lemon, broom, broom care kit

Classes for the day:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Magical Theory
Transfigurations (with Special Witch Guest)
Cloak Crafting

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Owls of the Owlry

We are missing four of the owls and have made inquiries. We have purchased a few more from local magical owlries to pick up some of the slack. Those... hopefully... will arrive soon.