Sunday, August 27, 2017

Registration is still open!

Registration will be open online through our website until Labour Day (September 4th) when we close registration. Classes will be the 4th Saturday of every month 10am-5pm.

Here are some pictures from the Open House

Slanty Sue who took a bludger to the head and now has trouble delivering mail without it arriving a bit... mangled.

Abernathy and the Sorting Hat. Abernathy is Professor Cerulia Maple's familiar and now the head of the Owlry.

There is a LOT of stuff on this table! It is the collection of supplies you receive with your first payment
and it isn't even everything!

This is Professor Scarlet Stone's antique writing box with some very special additions:
Raven feathers, iron nails, Egyptian papyrus, a deerskin leather journal, and Self-Transformation potion kits.

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