Thursday, May 3, 2018

Tea & Calligraphy

In the spirit of honoring the Owl this spring, Maplestone Academy will be hosting a small event: Tea & Calligraphy!

See the Facebook Event here:

This is an open event those interested in learning to make and use quills, learning about fountain pens, discovering writing techniques and papers... and enjoying tea!

The Tea of the day will be a special custom blend from Thesaurus Tea for House Owl.

Quill Kits ($30, contains feathers, inks, fountain pen, paper, and a wooden carry box) and Owl Feathers ($5 for Asian Eagle-Owl feathers) will be available for sale, and you can buy the House Owl Tea if you wish to have some to take home. 

Feel free to bring your own quills, fountain pens, inks and papers to enjoy the fun with us.

Children are welcome: Ages 8 and older

Event Fee is $20, payable upon arrival.... though it would be nice to know in advance that you are coming!

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