Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tea and Houses

If you missed this summer's Firecat Tea, it will be available for tasting throughout the day at Argo Bookshop. A sweet and spicy summer flavor of hot fiery chai. Crescent Moon School will be having an open house this day, Sunday August 26th. The Firecat tea will be features during the Open House and its free workshops.

At the end of the event, the new Green Dragon tea will be offered with a Green Dragon meditation at 4pm. We hope you will visit the bookshop and discover the wonderful literary world and the magic that words create in the minds and hearts of all who read and listen.

What: CMS Open House

When: Sunday, August 26th, 1-5pm
Where: Argo Bookshop (1915 Ste. Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H3H 1M3)

Firecat Tea throughout the day (along with coffee for those who dislike tea).
1pm: Intro to Paganism
2:30pm: Sacred Writing
4pm: Green Dragon Tea Meditation (introduction to House Dragon and its related tea)

Argo Bookshop is Montreal's oldest English-language bookstore, and a fine one at that: "Where Montreal's Readers and Writers Gather". They host events throughout the months, including workshops, open mic readings, meet the authors, and more. It is a magical nook in the heart of Downtown Montreal with a little anti-cafe lounge in the back of the bookshop.

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